Sunday 9 May 2010

‘I Need That Record’ Trailer

Brendan Toller’s documentary ‘I Need That Record’ finds misty eyed musicians like Ian MacKaye, Mike Watt, Thurston More and (surprisingly) Noam Chomsky harking back to the good old days when their local stores were the hub of the artistic community, and lambasting the state of play which has seen the near extinction of the indie store.
Initially released on a limited DVD run for Record Store Day, ‘I Need That Record’ sold well enough to warrant an upcoming release through the US Major Chains; ironically the exact corporate giants that the film takes pot-shots at, hanging the blame for the decline of the independent record store at their doors.
Why not release the DVD exclusively through independent shops the second time around and actually back up the films holier than thou posturing? Why not CLICK HERE and ask Brendan for yourself?

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